Sustainability Resources

Sustainability Resources

August 15, 2023 2023-08-15 15:45

Our Commitment

Certifications: Discover our prestigious recognitions that reflect our commitment to responsible tourism and environmental protection.

Blue Flag – Climate Change: Explore how we address climate challenges through this respected certification.

Local Impact: Dive into our efforts as a medium-sized enterprise, generating positive impacts on the local community and environment.

CST Certification Process: Follow our journey towards the Certification for Sustainable Tourism, validating our dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Join us on our sustainability journey towards a more responsible and harmonious future.


At Terrazas del Caribe, as a medium-sized company, we take pride in making a difference in the tourism industry. Our actions are designed to create a positive impact on the local community and the environment. We value the authenticity of the experiences we provide and strive to contribute to sustainable development in a responsible and conscious manner.

Blue Flag - Climate Change

Discover how Terrazas del Caribe addresses the challenges of climate change through this prestigious certification. Learn how our practices and efforts contribute to environmental management and water quality, meeting the highest standards to ensure a sustainable and healthy environment.

Local Impact

At Terrazas del Caribe, our commitment to sustainability extends to the local community. Discover how, as a medium-sized company, we generate positive impacts through our actions. Explore our initiatives that promote authenticity, collaboration, and respect for the environment, contributing to the well-being of the community and the care of the environment.


What is CST?

The CST standard is a technical tool aimed at enhancing sustainable tourism in Costa Rica.

It serves as recognition for excellent management by companies and organizations that actively work to mitigate the impacts resulting from their operations. This certification strengthens the social, cultural, environmental, economic, and developmental aspects in tourist destinations.

Learn how we work towards achieving this significant recognition at Terrazas del Caribe.

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