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Responsibility to the planet and future generations.

Terrazas del Caribe takes pride in being a destination committed to sustainable and responsible tourism. Through the pursuit of recognition certifications, such as the one granted by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and the 3-star Ecological Blue Flag, the resort showcases its dedication to environmental conservation and the fight against climate change. Through recycling programs, beach cleaning efforts, and the protection of local biodiversity, visitors can enjoy unforgettable vacations while contributing to the preservation of this natural paradise for future generations.


Water is life

At Terrazas del Caribe, we protect water through rainwater collection systems, awareness campaigns, efficient irrigation, and conservation partnerships. Our commitment is to ensure its availability for future generations and promote sustainable development in harmony with nature. We value water as a vital and essential resource for life and actively strive to preserve and use it responsibly. 

Sustainable solutions

Active Conscious Sustainability

Terrazas del Caribe, the leading sustainable hotel, has implemented notable initiatives in renewable energy by installing solar panels that reduce our carbon footprint. We also embrace circular economy principles, minimizing waste and promoting recycling in our operations. Conservation is paramount, as we protect biodiversity and support local reforestation.

We excel in energy efficiency, optimizing consumption through technology and awareness. Environmental education is a priority, with programs that raise awareness among employees, guests, and the community.

Our sustainability policies guide our actions toward a more responsible future. At Terrazas del Caribe, we take pride in being a benchmark for sustainable tourism, contributing to a more balanced world in harmony with nature.


Blue Flag - Climate Change

Discover Our Certifications:

At Terrazas del Caribe, we take pride in holding recognitions that support our commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism.

3-Star Ecological Blue Flag for Climate Change: This prestigious certification highlights our efforts in environmental management and water quality, ensuring that our practices meet the highest standards.

PYME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) Recognition: As a medium-sized company, we strive to make a difference in the tourism industry. We provide authentic experiences that have a positive impact on the local community and the environment.

Process for CST (Certification for Sustainable Tourism) by ICT: We are on the path to this important certification, which will endorse our sustainable actions and commitment to protecting the environment and local culture. Your support propels us to continue leading in responsible tourism.

At Terrazas del Caribe, we guarantee you a unique and sustainable experience, backed by these valuable certifications that promote our dedication to a more responsible and environmentally-friendly tourism future. Join us on this sustainable adventure!

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